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DIY planters with poles for string lights

This project is an easy, one day project that is customizable to your style and even renter friendly! Quick step by step of what you'll need.


-planters (taller is better) see options linked here, make sure there are drainage holes

-quick set concrete (QuikCrete)

-1 gallon plastic potting containers

-river rocks

-pressure treated 2x2's - 8ft long boards won't even need to be cut!

-outdoor grade wood sealer and/or stain


-potting soil + your favorite plants

It's best to stain and seal your boards before putting them in the planters, a step I definitely did out of order!

Add your 2x2 boards into the galloon buckets and surround with the quickcrete. I added water and struggled to mix it but it turns out the QuickCrete doesn't even need to be mixed, just add the water and wait. You may need to have someone help hold the boards up straight or lean up against a taller surface until the QuickCrete sets (which doesn't take long!).

Add a layer of river rocks to the bottom of the planter (make sure there are drainage holes!). Then add the gallon bucket with the cement and the 2x2 pole into the planter. Add rocks again around the bucket until its stable. You

could set this up in the planter and skip the bucket and rocks but you risk not having drainage for you plants and good luck moving it again if you fill that with concrete!

These plants absolutely thrived! The drainage was never an issue and I'm planning to use the same plants next year too.

Add hooks at the top of each post and hang your lights. You'll have to figure out the spacing but I think about 4ft between each planter was just right. I did add some post on the deck too but this could be done with all planters.

I ended up leaving the lights up all year and enjoyed them even in the winter. I'm excited to add plants again. This is definitely a project I'd do again and is really beginner friendly. Minimal tools needed!

Hope you feel inspired to add this to your out door space!



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