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DIY Ottoman Table -Tutorial

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This table went viral on IG, TT and Pinterest! Its not hard to figure out why, this immediately adds function to the room and is easy to make, even for beginners. Here is a step by step so you can make one too.

Supply List:

- lumber : 2x12 pine board, one 8ft board is enough if you're making these dimensions

* I laminated 2x2 boards together purely because I liked the planked look but at the end I think this was unnecessary and didn't add much except for a lot more work :)

- wood glue

- 180 & 220 grits sand paper

- stain

Tools Needed:

- chop/miter saw to cut 90 degree angle edges

- drill

The exact dimensions of my table are made specifically for the Tanavi Ottoman from Ashley Furniture. 20x42x12

-two pieces cut to 20 inches and one piece cut to 42 inches

Step One:

Cut the board into three pieces each with a 90 degree angle edge on the saw.

Step Two:

Use wood glue to hold the mitered corners together. Add brad nails through the edges to help hold it while the glue dries but this is optional. Clamps work too!

Step Three:

I added L-brackets, two on each side, underneath to add extra support. You won't see them when this is finished and is easier than making pocket holes.

Step Four:

Once the glue is cured (up to 24 hours) sand the entire table with 180 grit and work down to 220 grit. Add a dab of extra glue on the outside edges of the miter and sand while the glue is still wet working some sawdust into the glue. This will act as wood filler to clean up the seams if there are any gaps.

Yes this joint will be strong enough to hold up. Here is proof :)

Step Five:

Add your favorite stain and top coat combo. This part was actually a disaster for me and I tried out some new stain I ended up not liking. I kept adding on different stains I had on hand to get a color I liked but I would not recommend this method. My usual go to is Early American + Special Walnut in 50/50 mix.

If you give this a try I'd love to see pictures! Since posting this several have recommended adding small wheels on the bottom so this can be moved around more freely. I like mine without the wheels but that'd be a great addition.

My sofa & ottoman were purchased in Jan 2022 from Ashley Furnture.

Happy building!


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