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DIY Bench

I built this bench for my dining room but it's beautiful enough to be a stand alone piece. Find step by step instructions to make your own here.

Final dimensions of the bench:

5 ft long x 19 inches tall (including the 4in foam) x 18 inches deep

Supply List:

- one 8ft 4x4 or 4x6 post (will cut to a total of four posts at 15 inches long)

- three 8ft long 2x4s

- 4inch thick foam

- batting

- 2 yards of fabric

- stapler + stables

- leather strap

The bench base:

-cut the posts to 15 inches long

-use a saw to notch out

Put the two long 2x4 pieces parallel to each other and the six 18 inch pieces perpendicular. Stitch with pocket holes and screws.

The actual construction is very easy once you have the cuts and pocket holes made.

You'll end up with a joint like this and no nail or screw holes to fill!

Now for the top part of the bench. I used an upholstered top but you could use wood or even concrete if you wanted to use this outdoors.

leather strap here:

If you followed this project on Instagram you saw that I used the Crypton fabric from JOANN. I love the fabric, it's soft but stain resistant and perfect for a dining room.

Happy building!



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